Holly Interlandi is a writer and editor of comics, fiction, articles, reviews, essays, interviews, and editorials.

Holly received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from University of Southern California in 2005. She previously attended The College of Wooster, majoring in English, and received her diploma from University School of Nashville, Tennessee.

Holly began her editing career after college as a freelancer, penning articles and proofreading novels before ultimately joining forces with Famous Monsters of Filmland as its Copy editor, Senior writer, and eventually Executive Editor. The magazine was first published in 1958 and developed into a multimedia company with an events division, television show, and comic book line, American Gothic Press.

At Famous Monsters, Holly edited and contributed to over 40 print issues, specials, and archives, and conducted interviews with genre legends like Doug Bradley, John Carpenter, Ricou Browning, George Clayton Johnson, Robert Rodriguez, Rob Zombie, Doug Jones, Mike Mignola, Kevin Eastman, and Sean Cunningham. In partnership with Hermes Press, Holly arranged and edited Frank Frazetta Jr.’s memoirs about his father — Frank Frazetta: Art and Remembrances.

American Gothic Press published a carefully curated selection of horror, Sci-Fi, and fantasy comic books. The inaugural slate of titles included Gunsuits, Broken Moon, Bornhome, and Monster World, and featured acclaimed horror author Steve Niles and award-winning writer Paul Tobin on script duties. As Editor-in-Chief, Holly oversaw the development of every series. She also adapted two licensed unfilmed teleplays from the original Lost in Space TV show into comic books: “The Curious Galactics” and “Malice in Wonderland”. In 2016, AGP Kickstarted a 250-page anthology called Tales from the Acker-Mansion in honor of Famous Monsters’ longtime editor Forrest J. Ackerman. Among the featured writers were John Carpenter, Joe Lansdale, Richard C. Matheson, William F. Nolan, Dan DiDio, and Rob Zombie guitarist John 5.

Holly wrote a novel in college called The Last Song. After fifteen years of pitching it as prose, the story finally landed at Black Mask Studios, where Last Song. is being published as a 4-volume black and white comic book series with Sally Cantirino and Natalie Jackson creating the art. Holly also wrote a back matter essay for Black Mask’s body horror series Come Into Me.

Holly started writing fiction at around age 10, waging “short story wars” against her sisters on a Brother word processor. She won a state-wide poetry contest when she was 14 for the Shel Silverstein-esque “Bored”. When she was 19, she published the short story “Outcasts” on an online journal, and the story was later converted into comic format for Northwest Press’s anti-bullying anthology series Rise.

Holly continued to write and publish fiction throughout her college and bookstore retail years, and she ultimately collected the stories into an e-book called Lounge Tales, of which acclaimed writer Richard C. Matheson writes: “Insidious, beautiful marvels. A talent with imagery, irony, and the oddly sinister.”

Holly lives in Los Angeles with her awesome dog.


Gods on H / City Lover, Zero Cabinet Press, 2007 (Creator and writer)
Frank Frazetta: Art and Remembrances, Hermes Press, 2013 (Project Editor/Ghost Writer)
Lounge Tales, Nook Press (E-book), 2014 (Writer)
Tales From the Acker-Mansion, American Gothic Press, 2016 (Editor and writer)
Irwin Allen’s Lost in Space: The Lost Adventures, 2016 (Co-writer and editor)
Last Song., Black Mask Studios, 2017-2020 (Creator and writer)


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Famous Monsters Ack-Ives, Vol. 1-2 (Executive Editor) (2019)


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