Sing for the song still carries on.

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Cat’s out of the bag: my pet project, LAST SONG, will be published as a four-part graphic novel, illustrated by Zoe Chevat, by the exceedingly awesome Black Mask Studios.

From the press release:


What is it?
This comic is about rock’n’roll. Not as a metaphor. Not as a backdrop. No. This is about what rock’n’roll feels like… that pleasant but sad sort of nostalgia, the poetic melancholy, that epic rockstar mortality. The album that made you break up with your fiancee. The concert that was exactly what you needed when your parents didn’t understand. That singer that made the kinds of mistakes you would never make. Never. Or so you thought.

LAST SONG is the rise and fall rockstar story of a band called Ecstasy. They change rock n roll — and people’s lives — for better and for worse. A symbolic, fantastical journey through the music industry all Velvet Goldmine meets Pink Floyd’s The Wall except with groupies instead of Nazis.

Why it’s awesome:
Holly and Zoe met at Meltdown Comics in LA when Holly took one look at Zoe’s artwork and asked the fateful question: “Do you like rock and roll?” Zoe, in her motorcycle jacket, tattoos, and dyed red hair, nodded an emphatic yes. Then Holly told Zoe about her passion project LAST SONG that she’d been developing for years: she’d invented a fictional band representing everything that makes rock n roll magical and life-changing, she wrote lyrics for their albums, imaginary liner notes and set lists, even critics’ reviews, building Ecstacy into a band as real in her mind as any she’d seen live on stage. Zoe was hooked, and the two jumped down the rabbit hole together for this unique journey through sequential art into the depths of rock and roll.

We’re looking to solicit in March 2015 for a May release date. Check out all the other awesome stuff on Black Mask’s 2015 slate here:

More to come as things develop!

Woah, I’m a loner at heart.

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One day I will be better about updating my news more than ONCE A YEAR (doh). But for now, here’s the latest…

Details on that #PositiveComics story I did last year: the Kickstarter is now live! It’s called the RISE Anthology. It’s for a great cause and involves a lot of great creators. Go back it!

Some recent writeups I did for that I had particular fun with: Five Movies That Scared Me and Japanese Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comics.

The latest issue of Famous Monsters is on newsstands now, with a BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA cover. There’s also a pretty sweet werewolf cover available at


I have a very exciting announcement coming up next week involving rockstars. Stay tuned.

Yeah, her life was saved by rock and roll…

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RIP Lou Reed.

Here, have a rock and roll short story not quite good enough for anything but a blog post:

FM 271 is coming this month, featuring articles on Doctor Who and Ray Harryhausen. Contains my own article “What’s in the Box?”, as well as Doctor Testimonials from Jonathan Woods, Ian Bell, Kyle Anderson, Ryan Adams, and many more.


FM 270 now out.

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I didn’t write anything this time, but it’s a pretty rad issue. Available at comic shops and newsstands in the next couple of weeks.

Welcome back!

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That’s both to me and to you.

Lookie! I did anĀ  interview with my current favorite comic book writer and artist:

FAMOUS MONSTERS #269 has gone to print and will be available at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 and on newsstands in August 2013. I wrote a six pager on the importance of storytelling in MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM.

A short story I wrote years ago, “Outcasts”, has been adapted into comic book form and illustrated by the illustrious Jordan Peters. It’s scheduled to appear in an upcoming comics anthology, #PositiveComics. More details as they appear.