“My eighth grade English teacher, Ms. Venable, taught me what a comma splice was. It made so much fucking sense I couldn’t stand it.

“My first official position was as Senior Editor of a Silverchair fanzine. I was 17. Paper fanzines were still a thing. I guess it was a promising start.” -Holly Interlandi


Small Press Review
Reviewer and contributor, 2005-2007
Publications: Bimonthly guide to zines and small press collections, Issues 404-416

Famous Monsters of Filmland
Copy Editor, 2011-2012; Editor, 2013-2016; Executive Editor, 2017-2019
Publications: Annual Magazine, Bi-annual Ack-Ives Editions, Special Publications

Hermes Press
Project Editor, 2013
Publications: Frank Frazetta – Art and Remembrances

American Gothic Press
Editor-in-Chief, 2015-2019
Publications: Comics and Graphic Novels (all)

Freelance clients include Boneworld Publishing and horror writer Steve Niles.


Available Editing Levels

LEVEL 1: Grammar and spelling proofread only.

Quick and dirty. I catch what you can’t spell check — apostrophes, commas, typos, proper nouns, continuity errors. Contact for rates

LEVEL 2: Sentences and syntax (prose), panels and dialogue (comics).

Slightly heavier comb-through includes stylistic themes and/or panel breakdowns. Some of these choices may be considered subjective. Contact for rates

LEVEL 3 (coherence, structure, and characterization) is currently unavailable due to prior commitments.




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